Commonly known as "ghosts of the forest", Black Bear hunting in Maine provides a rewarding experience for our clients. We have access to thousands of acres of private land to ensure that you fill your tag. Hunting is conducted over sites baited and monitored via trail cameras by our guides. We also offer bear hunting with hounds. Our hounds are excellent trackers and make for a fun and fast-paced hunt. 

We recommend that you bring the following gear for your bear hunt:

  • Rifle (.243 or larger caliber) or Shotgun (Slugs) or Bow (Broadheads must be no smaller than 7/8" when open)
  • Scent-control camouflage clothing (Temperatures can vary between 40*F and 70*F during the season)
  • Scent Control Spray/Shampoo/Deodorant, etc.
  • Gloves
  • Facemask
  • Rubber/Muck Boots

We offer the following pricing packages for bear:

American Package: $2,000 per person. Arrive Sunday evening, hunt Monday through Friday, check out Saturday. Includes lodging and meals.

A la carte: Call for pricing. Hunt Monday through Friday. No lodging or meals provided.

For information regarding the Maine Bear License fees and requirements, click here.

For current Bear season dates, click here.

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